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Welcome to Skagit 911

Skagit 911 is an Emergency Communications Center.  When you call 9-1-1 in Skagit County, you reach employees of Skagit 911.  From there, Dispatchers/Call-Takers take the information you provide them and advise the appropriate law, fire, or EMS department(s).  Skagit 911 provides radio dispatching for all Law Enforcement Agencies, all Fire Departments, all Emergency Medical Services in Skagit County, and even North Cascades National Parks Service.

In addition, Skagit 911's mission is to provide the most efficient means of dispatching emergency response units throughout Skagit County to better serve the citizens and protect life and property: “Respect, Protection and Safety for all in our community”.


A Potential 1/10th of 1% Sales Tax for Skagit 911

Skagit 911's staff and Board of Directors are currently discussing asking Skagit County voters for another 1/10th of 1% Sales Tax revenue to help fund Skagit 911's growing technology, infrastructure, facility, and disaster resilience costs.  Please stay tuned as more information will be posting here on our website as information develops.

For more information, please click the button above that says "Funding Requirements" or click here.


Upcoming Meetings

Please be advised that the Skagit 911 Board of Directors will be present at a meeting via Microsoft Teams on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022 at 10:00 a.m., or shortly thereafter.  The meeting is called "Communication Committee" and is being hosted by LLPA.  If you want to join this online meeting as a member of the public, please email Krista McCamish, Executive Assistant, at

Skagit 911's Board of Directors meet regularly every second Wednesday of every odd month (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sep, Nov).  Meeting agendas will be posted here one week before each meeting (see below).  These meetings, starting June 1st will be hybrid meetings.  The location for the public, board members, and staff that chose to attend in person will be the Skagit County Commissioner's Office - Hearing Room.  If you would like to listen to this meeting remotely, please email Krista McCamish, Executive Assistant, at 24 hours before the meeting.  If you would like to make a written public comment, please email Krista McCamish, Executive Assistant, at 24 hours before the meeting.


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June 2022 (agenda not made yet)


Public Notification

Live in Skagit County?  Work in Skagit County?  Have family that lives in or works in Skagit County?

If you answered yes, you may want to consider signing up for Skagit County's new emergency notification system, "CodeRed"!  With CodeRed, Skagit 911 and Skagit County DEM (Department of Emergency Management) can notify you in the case of emergencies.  This system is a great way to receive local, timely and critical information when it matters most.  Signing up is easy too!  You can sign up with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account for a quick and easy sign up!  If you don't have a Google, Facebook or Twitter account, you can sign up with any email address.

To sign up and receive Skagit County emergency notifications, please click here!

Text-to-911 Available in Skagit County March 1st

Click here for Skagit 911's press release in Spanish

Beginning March 1st, 2022, Skagit 911 is pleased to announce it will be able to accept Text-to-911 messages in an emergency.  It is still preferred that individuals with emergencies call 911. Text-to-911 is primarily intended for use by the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or those with speech difficulties.  Text-to-911 will also work when an emergency occurs where it is unsafe to place a voice call to 911, or for a location where cell coverage is spotty, however a text may go through.

For more information, click here.