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Public Record Requests

Skagit 911 retains its recordings of 911 communications for 90 (ninety) days (RCW) (Revised Code of Washington). The disclosure of Skagit 911 records will be governed by appropriate state and local regulations.  

Requests for Inspection and/or Copying of Public Records:

Requests must be in writing and define the records being sought with reasonable specificity. Any requests that are too generalized will be returned to the requesting individual for further clarification.

Public Requests for CD Duplication and/or Inspection of Master Recordings

Public requests from private attorneys, agencies or businesses doing business for profit, Public Defenders Office or private citizens must be made in writing on business letterhead stationary when applicable.  A signed court order for the request is desirable, but optional.

How to Request a Public Record from Skagit 911:

Step 1:  Get The Request For Public Record Form

Download the request form: Download the Public Records Request

Step 2:  Complete the Form

After filling out the form (by hand) you may return it any of the following ways:

Return it by email to

Return it by mail to:

                      Public Records Administrator

                      Skagit 911

                      2911 E. College Way, Suite A

                      Mount Vernon, WA  98273

Return it in person to Skagit 911

    (2911 E College Way , Mount Vernon, WA 98273)

Return it by fax to:  360-848-9445  ATTN:  Public Records Administrator

Step 3:  Be Aware Of The Exemptions To Public Records Disclosure

Public records subject to disclosure may have identifiable details deleted to the extent necessary to prevent an unreasonable invasion of privacy.  Any deletions made shall be explained in writing.  Exemptions outlined in RCW 42.56 Public Records Act.